Elf Bar 1200 2-in-1

Multi-Flavoured Prefilled Vape - Elf Bar 1200 Pod Kit

The Elf Bar 1200 Prefilled Vape kit is a convenient, rechargeable pod device containing two 600 puff, MTL pods, each one packed to the brim with a different, delicious flavour that Elf Bar are known for!

Featuring a 650mAh rechargeable battery that tops itself up lightning fast via a USB-C charging port, as well as Elf Bar's premium QUAQ mesh wire coils for unbeatable flavour, the Elf Bar 1200 2-in-1 Vape Kit is a seriously impressive piece of kit.

To use, simply remove the mouthpiece, insert the pods into the device until they click, wait a few moments to allow the coils to saturate, and then you're off! The mouthpiece can be rotated whenever you wish to swap between flavours, and the pods can be discarded after they've run empty.