Revol 2600 Prefilled Pods

Revol 2600 - The Flavour Revolution

The Revol 2600 prefilled pods are 4 prefilled pods for any Revol 2600 device featuring 4 delicious flavours in each pack, with one pod of each flavour. Simply replace the empty pods from your Revol 2600 rechargeable device and keep vaping! Note: You can mix and match these prefilled pod flavours with any other set of prefilled pods and any Revol 2600 device.

The new Revolv 2600 series of prefilled vapes are a revolution in multi flavour big puff disposable and prefilled vapes. Featuring a long lasting 1800mAh battery, reusability and rechargeability and a perfected revolving pod design, the Revolv 2600 brings the best in class design principles from disposables and prefilled pod kits into one product.