QIS Disposables


QIS Disposable Device

The QIS disposable device was developed by All Vape as a practical solution for all vapers. Requiring no prior vaping knowledge to use, this device is as simple as it gets and offers an alternative to traditional tobacco products.

Prefilled with enough eliquid to outlast 20 cigarettes, the QIS bars are a cost-effective option and require no extra purchases in the form of replacement coils or pods. When empty the device can be replaced with another from the range.

Each device uses nic salt eliquid, in either a 10mg or 20mg strength, that's been formulated to deliver a smooth throat hit. This device has undergone rigorous testing and conforms to TPD regulation and MHRA notification requirements.

The QIS disposable device is a simple and compact option that can be used straight out of the box. Each device contains enough eliquid to outlast 20 cigarettes and when empty you can swap the device for another. Available in a range of fruit and menthol flavours, there's something for everyone. Thanks to the nic salt eliquid, you'll also experience a much smoother throat hit too.