Fifi Crystal 600 Prefilled Pod Kit

Fifi Crystal 600 Prefilled Pod System 

Available as a Prefilled Pod Kit with one included Pod.

Individual prefilled pods sold separately as 3 packs.

Experience the revolutionary Fifi Crystal 600 Prefilled Pod Kit - delivering effortless, delicious vaping with pre-filled pods! Unlock a world of exotic flavours, satisfying even the most demanding vapers who crave convenience and variety in their sessions. Don't wait - join the Fifi Crystal Disposable Prefilled Pod Kit revolution now! 


Fifi Crystal 600 is made for on-the-go adventures, with its sleek design and portability. Experience 10 classic flavours and chose your favourite!

Get the ultimate freedom and reliability with the Fifi Crystal 600 Kit. This sustainable and dependable solution is perfect for all vapers, whether you're a heavy-user or a hobbyist. With two key components - a reusable battery kit and disposable pods - you'll have everything you need for a superior vaping experience.

The battery is carefully designed for long-term use, providing a wide selection of pods before they need to be replaced. Each pod offers a 2ML capacity and comes in a range of flavours to satisfy every taste and preference.  


  • Replaceable Pre Filled Pods 600+ Puff Pod Kit
  • Built in 1.2ohm mesh coil
  • 100% cobalt 500mah battery
  • USB Type-C rechargeable
  • Eliquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Puffs 600+ Each Pod