CUBA Nicotine Pouches

CUBA Nicotine pouches are premium, tobacco-free pouches manufactured in Poland by leading European manufacturer Nicotobacco. CUBA provide a range of nicotine strengths and flavours so you're sure to find a nicotine pouch can to suit your needs.

CUBA White Nicotine Pouches

CUBA White is CUBA's entry level range that's best suited for beginners or those with low to medium levels of nicotine cravings. This range of nicotine pouches are 16mg/pouch (25mg/g) in strength and feature a broad range of flavours.

CUBA Ninja 

For those with moderate cravings or those who feel more experienced with nicotine pouches, CUBA offers the Ninja range. These also come in a variety of flavours and have a strength of 25mg/pouch (30mg/g).

CUBA Black

The CUBA Black range is perfect for those seeking a strong nicotine hit. Available in bold flavours and a strong 43mg/pouch (66mg/g).