Cali Greens CBD


A compact vaping device with premium quality CBD available in a range of award-winning flavours. Choose from 4 flavours: Granddaddy Purple, Amnesia Mango, Lemon Haze and Blackcurrant Ice.

Each device features:
• 2.5ml Liquid
• 150mg CBD (6% strength)
• CBD Isolate + terpenes (except for Blackcurrant Ice)
• THC free
• 450mAh lithium battery
• 500 puffs

An award-winning CBD-infused E-Liquid range made in the UK, Cali Greens have combined smooth vaping and Hemp CBD to create a unique fusion. Inspired by strains of the Cannabis plant, our high-quality E-Liquids provide a premium experience unlike any other. Cali Greens promises premium quality CBD that is tested and safe, made using CBD Isolate to ensure products are THC-free.