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Energy Drink 10ml

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One of the more mysterious flavours in the realm of e-liquid options, NRG Drink from V4 V4pour has a unique blend of sweetness, tang and fizz. The flavour profile is primarily fruity, with a slightly zingy undertone from a unique combination of ginseng and soft-drink syrup. If a can of energy drink is a treat you can't resist, you'll feel right at home with this flavour replica.

We'd highly recommend the V4POUR basic e-liquid line for those who are making the switch over to vaping, or those who use starter kits and prefer a mouth-to-lung vape.

With over 40 flavours to choose from in 3 different nicotine strengths (3mg, 6mg, 12mg), V4POUR is sure to be your next favourite e-liquid!

VG: 40% | PG: 60%