Kush eLiquid 50ml

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Discover the myGeeko Kush 50ml e-liquid, the first e-liquid to use the ancestral steam extraction method of hemp. Unlike CBD e-liquids, myGeeko Kush contains no terpenes, artificial flavors, CBD, or nicotine. This product is made from a natural hemp extract, which allows you to experience the true flavour of hemp. You won't find any other e-liquid on the market that can provide such an authentic flavour as myGeeko Kush.

This eLiquid is also the perfect partner for the WIZ Hybrid Vaporiser. Pair it with your favourite dry herbs for the ultimate vape experience.

We have developed a method of extraction that has been worked on and mastered for several years to offer the first e-liquid with the real taste of cannabis. With this e-liquid, you can rediscover the true scent of cannabis. We use a natural process without the addition of any chemical agents, terpenes, CBD, nicotine, or HHC. myGeeko Kush is the base of the kush range.

Each hemp flower used in the production of myGeeko Kush has been carefully selected to ensure a unique flavor. The dried flowers come from CBD hemp with a THC content of less than 0.2%.

The preparation of myGeeko Kush requires a large quantity of dried CBD hemp and a very long preparation time. This is what guarantees its unique and incomparable flavour. Try myGeeko Kush now and discover a unique and authentic vaping experience. The bottle is 60ml and contains 50ml of eLiquid, allowing you to add a Nicotine or CBD shot if you desire.