Sour Diesel Full Spectrum CBD Disposable Vape

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Sour Diesel is known for its terpene-rich composition, emitting a strong, earthy scent with subtle floral accents.

The Endoflo CBD Vape Pen is packed with 700 puffs of 500mg full spectrum CBD oil. Rich in fragrant, aromatic terpenes, this disposable CBD vape features a unique blend of terpene profiles and is rich in minor cannabinoids from the Cannabis Sativa L. Plant.

Introducing the EndoFlo CBD Disposable Vape Pen.

Made with an innovative and unique crystal-resistant CBD distillate, our new EndoFlo CBD vape makes it easier than ever to get your daily dose of Cannabidiol.

The EndoFlo is a full-spectrum CBD vape pen that provides unrivalled delivery using our industry-leading, crystal-resistant CBD distillate oil. This means that unlike most other CBD vape pens, the Endo-Flo is resistant to crystallisation at room temperature, making it more reliable, dependable, and easier to use.

Don’t worry about running out of battery. EndoFlo is fully rechargeable with a fast charging USB Type-C port, so you can vape until the last drop.

Try the EndoFlo cannabis vape disposable today, and choose from five iconic flavours based on the best Cannabis Sativa L strains, including Purple Punch, Sour Diesel, Lemon OG, Strawberry OG and Island Zkittlez!