Drink 420 CBD

Wild Berries CBD Drink 15mg 250ml

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CBD infused sparkling water with subtly sweet, rich forest fruit juices. Drink any time of day to unwind, target stress and rebalance.

  • Contains 15mg of CBD per 250ml can
  • CBD derived from all-natural, agriculturally grown hemp (zero THC)
  • No added sugar or sweeteners
  • Vegan + vegetarian-friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Only 33 calories per can

Bliss-Making CBD Drinks. All Chill, Zero Nasties

CBD leaf

CBD Infused
Kick back with 15mg of feel good cannabidiol (aka CBD). The active ingredient in cannabis that doesn’t
get you high

CBD leaf

All Natural
Water. Zingy fruits. The legal bit from cannabis. Plant extracts. What could
be purer?

CBD leaf

33 Cals
No added sugar & only 33 calories. We keep our calories low and our expectations high

Feel Your Best To Do Your Best

Your boss has been on your back all day and you can’t bear the pain of being crushed on a packed tube home… Well, that’s why we created Drink 420.

Each can of 420 is a moment to unwind when you need it most.


Drink 420 is a range of beverages infused with 15mg Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol). Our CBD is derived from all-natural, agricultural hemp grown in Colorado, USA. 420 is typically known as code for ‘getting high’, but we don’t believe that. We believe it’s the time to take a moment to rebalance with all the benefits from cannabis but none of the high.

420 is the new time to unwind.