Grapeberry Lemonade CBD Disposable Vape 500mg

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Grapeberry Lemonade disposable CBD vape by CANABAR is one of the simplest ways to vape CBD. Every bar is full of the fruity flavours of grape and lemon, just like the famous soft drink.

Unlike many other e-liquids, CANABAR contains a unique blend of both CBD and CBG. CBG, like CBD, is a cannabinoid present in the hemp plant. CBG is not as prevalent in hemp and is harder to extract but can be used for the exact same reasons as CBD. CBG also creates a smoother throat hit for a more pleasant vape, and even complements the CBD content.

CANABAR disposable CBD vape devices are a quick and easy way to begin vaping CBD. 2.3ml of CBD e-liquid is contained within each device, enough for up to 700 puffs. With each puff delivering 0.7mg CBD+CBG to the bloodstream, you only need 100 puffs for a 70mg daily dose. There's no need to refill or recharge CANABAR; once it's finished, simply dispose responsibly.


  • 500mg CBD + CBG
  • Up to 700 Puffs
  • 0.7mg CBD + CBG Per Puff