Revol 2600 Prefilled Pod Vape

Revol 2600 - The Flavour Revolution

The new Revol 2600 series of prefilled vapes are a revolution in multi flavour big puff disposable and prefilled pod vapes. Featuring a long lasting 1800mAh battery, reusability and rechargeability and a perfected revolving pod design, the Revol 2600 brings the best in class design principles from disposables and prefilled pod kits into one product. Designed for reusability, the prefilled pods on this disposable can be replaced once empty without discarding the device which provides an economical and eco-friendly vaping system.

With a plethora of delicious flavours, you're sure to find a set that matches your tastes.  See our full range of Revol 2600 4-in-1 prefilled vapes, or shop our selection of Revol prefilled pods.