Just CBD E-Liquids


CBD Vape Juice, or CBD E-liquid, is a cannabinoid-containing liquid used for a variety of vaping devices.

The hemp plant's THC is released during an extraction process that purges any indications of its presence, creating a clear vaping juice with utterly pure CBD distillate or crystals. This method guarantees a pristine mixture which is then combined with VG/PG and decadent flavours to deliver a tantalizingly velvety experience.

As a market leader in all things CBD, Just CBD confidently offers an expansive selection of e-liquids in various flavours, milligrams, and bottle sizes ranging up to 60ml. Their vape juices span in potency from 250mg to 3000mg, allowing us to craft the most elevated CBD vape juices on the globe. Should vaping not be your forte, JustCBD offers High Times' award-winning CBD gummies instead.