IVG Nic Salts 4 in 1 eLiquids

Multi Flavoured Nic Salts | 4 for £9.99

IVG's new 4 in 1 Nic Salt bundles are packaged with 4 x 10ml Nic Salt eLiquids in one convenient package. Get the same great taste as IVG's bestselling IVG 2400 disposables in your very own refillable vape kits today with the new IVG 4 in 1 Nic Salts.  

These 4 in 1 bundles are a superb deal. Get 4 IVG Nic Salts for £9.99, even better than our premium 4 Nic Salts for £12 deal. See our full range of IVG Nic Salt flavours here or shop the bestselling IVG 2400 disposables.