Vype ePen 3 Cartridges Pack of 2

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Vype is a brand that offers a diverse range of e-cigarette and vaping options. They dream of a world with a wider range of smoking alternatives and have set out to create a good selection of them. Vype ePen Caps became part of their range in 2014 when the Vype ePen was also launched. Unique to this device they are simple to use and easy to fit in, slotting easily onto the battery of the device and allowing the e-liquid to flow easily from the cap, with no risk of spill or mess.

The company behind Vype is British American Tobacco so it’s clear they have a lot of industry experience and are able to produce high quality hardware and equally high quality e-liquids, refills and caps.


Catering to every kind of vaper from those who prefer a traditional cig-a-like flavour to others who have a sweeter tooth, the Vype ePen 3 Cartridges collection spans many different flavours. 

There are many fresh and flavourful options in the Vype ePen 3 Pods range and all refills packs include two individual caps, with each pod providing around 200 puffs, on the basis of lab tests. You may find you get more or less puffs dependent on the level of your vaping.


For an extra smooth and even more satisfying vape, Vype vPro pods are an excellent choice. This range is made with a unique nicotine salts e-liquid formula which is smoother on the throat even at higher strengths, reducing throat irritation and getting to work quickly to reduce cravings. Epen 3 vPro Pods are recommended for new vapers who are just getting started - from there, you can reduce your nicotine intake by opting for lower strength standard pods. 


Fans of the Vype ePen 3 range appreciate the high quality delivered for a fair and good value price. They enjoy the versatility of different nicotine volumes and also the opportunity to go for completely nicotine free caps and still enjoy the vaping experience. The option of a mixed flavour refill pack is also very popular as it gives vapers a chance to sample the full range of flavours without committing to buy in bulk. It’s a great way of finding a new all day vape without having to experimental with full refill boxes of a new flavour.