Peppermint Nicotine Pouches

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Ubbs Peppermint Nicotine Pouches are tobacco-free, smokeless, odorless alternative to smoking and vaping that promise a smooth and discreet way to beat your cravings!

Crowd Pleasing Flavours!

Ubbs Peppermint is flavoured with a cool menthol hit and the oh-so christmassy tingle of classic peppermint!

Made to the highest standards

Ubbs Nicotine Pouches are triple lab tested, and made from highest quality ingredients to a pharmeceutical standard for a nicotine experience like no other. Simply slip them under your lip for a slow, pleasant release of nicotine, and since theyre odorless and produce no smoke, you can use them wherever and whenever a craving hits you!

Each can contains 20 individual pouches.