Killer Lemonade

Apple Lemonade 100ml

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A deliciously sweet e-liquid with a fizzy twist. The natural flavours of the ripe apples combine perfectly with the citrus-filled tones of the fizzy lemonade. The perfect vape juice for those with a sweet tooth.

Killer Lemonade is a supreme premium range of vape juice combining the perfect blends of fruit and lemonade to leave your mouth watering with every vape. Enhance your taste and choose from some of these extremely awesome tasting lemonade based e-liquids and join in on this popular range.

100 ml of zero nicotine strength e-liquid with space in the bottle to add two nicotine shots (sold separately). For example, add two 18 mg/ml nicotine shots to create 120 ml of 3 mg/ml nicotine e-liquid.

VG/PG 70/30.

Don't forget your Nicotine Shots!

  • You need 2 Nic Shots for each 100ml bottle to make it 3mg.

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