Lemonade Ice 100ml

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A great quality lemonade can make or break any garden party, the secret to it’s fantastic flavour is it’s ingredients. Start with large, fresh, and zesty lemons, remove the peal and set aside. Blend the lemons with sugar and fresh distilled water, and grind the zest into the mix. Add plenty of ice and a couple slices of fresh lemon for added tart. Or you could choose to vape our highly rated, UK trademarked, Fantasi Lemonade Ice E liquid for the same tarty, supercool, fresh lemonade experience!

Fantasi eliquids are malaysian style vape juice flavours with a cool hit with every puff. Choose from some extremely juicy flavours including Mango, Grape, Apple, Orange & Lemonade

The Fantasi e-liquid range has taken the UK vape community by storm with an extremely cold mix of fruity sweet flavors and grown from strength to strength with an ever increasing e-juice lineup.

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  • You need 2 Nic Shots for each 100ml bottle to make it 3mg.

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