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Chocolate Haze Cannabis Muffin

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Cannabis Lovers who have tried these edibles agree that they Cannabis Muffins are by far the best-tasting muffins they ever tried! Most people like the sweet taste from the Blueberry, or the fruity taste of Mango Kush. But everyone loves the Chocolate tasting of our Chocolate Haze Cannabis Muffin.

The procedure of creating this muffin at the Cannabis Bakehouse is from the highest standard. Hygiene and proper measurements of ingredients are observed to match up to the required cannabinoid levels. Cannabis Bakehouse observes all the hygienic and professional pastry procedures when preparing the muffin. The Cannabinoid distillation is 100% sure to kick out THC.

Available in; Mango Kush, Chocolate Haze, Blueberry Kush.

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