Suicide Serum

Judging by the name alone, the folks at Suicide Serum are happily edgy - out there to shock, surprise and delight in equal measure. And happily, that’s exactly what to expect from their intriguingly-named, beautifully-balanced liquids hidden behind some punk-style, alluring packaging. For those vapers looking for character in their concoction, this is the liquid for you.

Named after various poisonous substances, why not give best-selling the Cyanide mix a shot? Its dessert flavours with a twist, asking you to enjoy the experience of comping through a thick, indulgent doughnut - custard and sprinkles galore. Hemlock has also proven wildly popular, combining bright banana with creamy, deep biscoff spread for an unrivalled taste sensation. If you’re after something more traditional, Lemonade Suicide Soda is a succulent lemonade, an ode to a classic with sinful twist. So you have enough to knock out an ox, Suicide Serum supplies customers with a generous 100ml short fill bottle.

At Royal Vapes, we understand you’re after value and convenience, and that’s why we provide speedy delivery alongside competitive prices for customers looking to sample some Suicide Serum.