Arc GT3 Hub Dry Herb Vaporiser Kit

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Introducing the Zeus Arc GT3 Hub – the Ultimate All-in-One Vaporiser Experience

The Zeus Arc GT3 Electric is a 3rd generation vaporizer that has reinvented traditional sessions by providing everything you need to start vaporizing quickly and conveniently in one tidy package. This is the premium version of the Zeus Arc S Hub, it features a gold heating chamber, GoldSink Technology, and the ability to load herbs straight into the device or load the ArcPods directly.

The GT3 provides a new outlook on convenience by allowing users to automatically prepare their ArcPods using the new Xtruder E Module. The new Electric Module sits on top of your Xtruder and auto grinds and loads your herb into the ArcPods. With this revolutionary system, even absolute beginners can load dozens of ArcPods with little to no effort.

Key Features:
  • Goldsink Technology
  • ArcPod Compatibility - Prefilled Herb Pod
  • Xtruder Included - Designed to help fill pre-packed pods (Use w/ E Module- for automatic pod filling)
  • Zeus Hub Included - Sturdy base that helps maintain the device and keep components safe.
  • 3 Temperature Presets - Firmware Updatable
  • Gold-Plated Heating Chamber
  • 3500mAh Battery
  • Better Airflow compared to the GTS model
  • USB-C Fast Charging (66% Charge in 40 Minutes)