SKE Crystal Zero

Cherry Ice Disposable

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Discover the perfect nicotine-free vaping experience with the SKE Crystal Zero Disposable Vape! This convenient, affordable, and sleek device is pre-filled with 2ml of 0mg e-liquid, and comes with a 500mAh battery offering up to 600 satisfying puffs. Find the ideal flavour from the 17 delectable options and enjoy the perfect vape!

SKE brings the craft of balance to the next level with their 0% Crystal Bar! Snug and pocket-sized, it's the perfect sidekick for covert crusades and nocturnal escapades. This 104mm tall and 17mm diameter vaporizer flaunts a super chic crystal-like finish with stainless steel and food-grade PCTG material. Go out and seize the night!

With no fire button or intricate operation settings, Blue Razz Lemonade Disposable is easy to utilize and manage, achievable with a straightforward inhale through the mouthpiece.

Experience the top-notch flavour and convenience of Crystal Bars for your vaping needs!