Critical CBD Hash (6%) - 1g

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Tiring day? Unwind yourself with this powerful Euphoria Critical CBD Hash (6%) that has a powerful scent that will give you a perfect heady experience. The Euphoria Critical CBD Hash (6%) holds in aromas of flowers, fruits, and pine which is a real cocktail of flavours! 

Easy to use 

The Euphoria Critical CBD Hash (6%) is malleable and easy to use so you can enjoy a perfect heady experience without making a mess. 

THC free 

The defining feature of Euphoria Critical CBD Hash (6%) is that it's THC free and doesn't cause any psychoactive effects or physical distress to the body. Get high with your tribe with all laughing and blissful feelings without any fear. 

It contains 6% amnesia 

The Euphoria Critical CBD Hash (6%) contains pure Cannabis Sativa, a popular species produced in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The Amnesia plant is proven effective to prevent depressive feelings, stress, pain and inflammation. Euphoria Critical CBD Hash (6%) is the best way to unwind yourself from a long and tiring day naturally. 

100% authentic product 

Your health is our paramount responsibility, our CBD flowers are obtained from certified cannabis strains listed on the EU list.

CBD Disclaimer:

These products are intended for the sole purpose of CBD extraction.

These products are rich in CBD content and contain less than 0.2% THC (no more than 1mg per packet) in line with EU regulations.

This product has been imported to the UK from within the EU and has been checked, released and delivered with authorisation from the UK customs agency.