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DIY Base Mix 50VG/50PG 1 Litre

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Ready made unflavoured pre-mixed VG and PG bottles that are ready-to-use for all those who mix their own e-liquid. All you need to add is a concentrate flavouring and nicotine if desired. Our USP Grade Propylene Glycol and EP Grade Vegetable Glycerine is carefully sourced from UK suppliers to ensure you receive only the highest purity product.

MIX RATIO: PG 50% - VG 50%

What are PG and VG?

In simple terms:

  • PG and VG are the odourless liquids that are combined with flavour and nicotine to create e-juice.
  • Both PG and VG technically belong to the alcohol chemical class (despite the name, they are not intoxicating). They are classified as sugar alcohols and are included in many consumable products.
  • They produce vapor when heated, which allows them to be inhaled.
  • PG and VG are not oils, and can’t cause any of the medical issues—like lipoid pneumonia—that inhaling actual oils can.
  • The two fluids have a different consistency to each other and a slightly different taste.
  • They have distinct mouth and throat sensations when vaped.
  • Most modern e-liquid uses a combination of the two fluids, though the ratio can vary dramatically.
  • Some vaping starter kit set-ups can only work with a certain level of PG and VG.

Choosing the wrong PG/VG ratio can put first-timers off so be careful to choose the right level for your equipment.