myblu™ Intense Liquidpod Menthol Flavour 2 x1.5ml

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Original menthol flavour – peppermint with spearmint

Introducing the improved myblu™ Intense – our smooth and satisfying nicotine salt liquidpods.

Explore our Intense Collection

Explore our Intense Collection

Your vape, your way

Creating powerful vaporisers is the first step in giving you a tailor-made vaping experience. myblu™ also allows you to customise your vape by picking different flavours and strengths. Our new Intense range gives you more flavours and experiences to choose from.

girl under sun vaping myblu device with nic salts

Better satisfaction

We understand that everybody looks for different things in a vape and that some people are looking for experiences that many e-liquids can’t provide. Thanks to our use of nicotine salts, Intense gives better satisfaction and delivery faster than these traditional vaping liquids.

woman vaping a device