Hayati Pro Mini

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava Disposable

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A voyage of flavour awaits! Indulge in the divine mixture of tart kiwi, balmy passion fruit, and scintillating guava, for a divinely aromatic experience you won't forget!

The HAYATI Pro Mini series provides a premier vaping experience, with consistent power output and exquisite flavour. Choose from a selection of vivid flavours and enjoy up to 600 puffs for ultimate satisfaction.

Advanced Technology

Hayati® Pro Minis feature advanced technology that ensures a dependable vaping experience. Users can enjoy a consistent and pleasant vaping experience when utilizing these devices.

Premium Quality

Hayati® disposables are built with premium environmental protection material, elevating their appearance and ensuring durability.

Safe and Reliable

Hayati® disposable devices produce a lower amount of odor and smoke than conventional tobacco items, assisting in the minimization of secondhand smoke and odor in the atmosphere.