Strawberry H4CBD Gummies 400mg

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Experience pure bliss with Euphoria H4CBD Gummies! These sugar-free gummies use natural sweeteners and pack 40mg of H4CBD in each piece.

H4CBD, also known as Hexahydrocannabidiol, is a recently developed cannabinoid that is produced through a strictly clean manufacturing process. Using hydrogenation, hydrogen molecules are added to CBD molecules, creating a compound that effectively binds to endocannabinoid receptors in the body. Consumption of H4CBD can induce feelings of happiness, wellness, and rejuvenation, resulting in effects similar to THC. In fact, its use is legal in the United Kingdom, making it a highly desirable option for consumers.


  • Contents: 10 chewing candies (40mg H4CBD in each gummy)
  • 400mg of H4CBD (Hexahydrocannabidiol) in each tub
  • Flavour: Strawberry
  • NO THC

NOTICE: Intended for industrial, technical and horticultural purposes. NOT INTENDED FOR DIRECT CONSUMPTION.

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Protect from frost.