Triton Ni200 Coil

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The nickel (Ni-200) temperature control atomizer coils for the Aspire's Triton & Atlantis series tanks. Made of nickel wire rather than the Kanthal resistance used in standard Atlantis coils.

Nickel alloy Ni-200 has many unique and useful properties, such as magnetic and magneto properties, high thermal and electrical conductivity, low gas content, and low vapor pressure. These characteristics provide for longer-lasting coils, larger vapor clouds, and better overall hits. However, the preeminent feature of the Aspire Triton / Atlantis Ni200 Coils is that they can ONLY be used with temperature-limiting devices.

These devices, coupled with the Ni200 atomizer heads, can control the temperature of the actual wire itself, making for an ultimate vaping experience. Feature a 0.15 ohm Resistance and are coded with a red gasket.